We are the founding chapter of the Coalition of One Hundred Black Women, Inc. initiated in 1970, from which a national network grew.

WE ARE... |

A not-for-profit organization committed to marshalling our resources in order to educate, engage and empower women, young adults and children through our programs, activities and meetings.

Collaborators with heads of corporations, not-for-profit organizations and elected and appointed officials of all political affiliations on a broad range of issues of importance to Black women and their families.


Leaders who provide young women with positive images to emulate and mentorship through our signature Role Model Program.

Advocates for Black women and catalysts for projects and programs developed in collaboration with sister organizations and others sharing mutual goals.

Bright and energetic, committed and capable, resourceful and respected women of diverse backgrounds and accomplishments.  We are corporate executives, entrepreneurs, elected officials, political activists, educators, healthcare providers, international change-agents, role models, tutors and mentors…women to be respected and admired.

Simply stated, we are phenomenal Black women working to Take Up Our Space!